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[Parking space logo] The parking site logo is applied- "Rainbow" parking space


Recently, a unique parking space appeared on the side of the Huzhou city road. The parking space was made of the "Color Road" brand pre -shaped reflector band produced by our company. Its color is clear and very eye -catching.

park (1).jpg

The logo logo of the special parking space of Huzhou is made of a three -color arc -shaped logo with yellow, red, and blue pre -shaped reflective marks. It is easy to see the correct orientation of the parking space during the day and night.

park (2).jpg

The "Color Road" brand pre -form marker band can also be designed to design the parking lot parking line, guide arrow, text, parking space number, special parking space color pattern and other ground logos. Paste it directly on the ground after glue.

park (3).jpg

With the improvement of people's living standards and more and more families with cars, the parking lot has become an indispensable facility in our daily life. People provide convenience. The parking lot logo is specially established for the parking order, including the planning of the parking space, the parking lot inlet logo, etc., mainly for the driver of the parking lot to explain the rules, and the direction guidance instructions.