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[Floor stickers] Xinjiang 100-meter stickers—pre-formed reflective signs


100 meters post:

The numbers on the 100-meter sticker represent the mileage from the starting point of the road to that location, one every 100 meters. For example: "5" means that the position marked with the 100-meter post is located 500 meters from the 0th kilometer section starting from the starting point of the road section. The 100-meter post is equivalent to the coordinates. If the car breaks down and you call for help, you can accurately report your location. It is also the "ID card" of each unit section of the expressway. After reporting the "reading" of the kilometer pile and the 100-meter sticker, it will be accurately located. On both sides of highways of different grades, we often see two types of traffic safety facilities: 100-meter piles and 100-meter stickers.

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Preformed 100 meter stickers

Pre-formed 100-meter stickers use pre-forming technology to produce complex color patterns into finished products in the factory in advance. During construction, you only need to apply glue on the ground and stick it to the ground. Compared with cement 100-meter piles, plastic steel 100-meter piles, etc., preformed 100-meter piles have good reflective properties and simple construction. They are widely recognized by customers, especially in Xinjiang.

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Preformed reflective signs

The "Cailu" brand preformed reflective signs produced by our company are made of high-molecular flexible polymers, high-refractive glass beads, wear-resistant layers, pigments and other raw materials, which can be directly pasted on the ground. A new type of road sign.

At present, some roads in Urumqi, Kashgar, Hami and other places in Xinjiang use the "Cailu" brand pre-formed 100-meter stickers produced by our company. Most of these 100-meter stickers are made using inlay technology, and the surface and base material are both With high-refractive glass beads, a white circle is inlaid with different numbers from 0 to 9. The color of the numbers is consistent with the color of the words on the milestone, which are red and blue respectively. The bright colors and reflective properties form a good The visual impact effect provides a strong guarantee for drivers to travel safely.

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