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[Pipeline Marking] Underground pipeline marking stickers to the ground—preformed floor stickers


Preformed pipeline signs are a new type of sign used on urban roads to mark the direction and distribution of underground gas, electricity, drainage and other pipelines. The "Cailu" brand preformed signs produced by our company have the characteristics of simple installation, anti-slip and wear resistance, and bright colors, and are favored by customers.


What pipeline identification can cover

1. Indicate what kind of pipelines are laid underground here.

2. Pipeline laying direction arrow—indicates the direction of the pipeline.

3.According to actual needs, the telephone number and serial number of the pipeline management unit can also be provided.


Preformed pipeline markings

01. Introduction

"Cailu" brand pre-formed pipeline markings are a new type of reflective marking sticker made of a combination of flexible polymers, pigments, glass beads, high-strength adhesives and other raw materials. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, anti-skid and reflective.

02. Function

Pipeline markings are mainly used to beautify pipelines and provide beautiful visuals. At the same time, pipeline markings are simple and easy to understand, which can avoid misoperation, improve work efficiency, and greatly reduce the incidence of safety accidents.

03. Features

It is simple and easy to understand, avoids misoperation, and improves work efficiency; if the system fails, you can quickly and accurately find and eliminate the fault by following the pipeline color code; greatly reducing the cost of pipeline and valve maintenance in the daily operation of the enterprise. Compared with traditional pipeline signs, preformed pipeline signs have the advantages of bright and obvious colors, being lightweight, easy to install and not easy to be stolen.


Reflective pipe


UV pipeline


Anti-fouling pipeline

04. Common specifications

Common specifications: 10*15CM, 8*12CM. Can be specially customized according to customer needs.

05.Construction method

The product is a stick-on pre-formed sign with its own adhesive. After cleaning the dust on the ground, it can be pasted directly. (Outdoor roads need to apply glue on the road surface)

06. Main categories

Preformed pipeline markings are mainly divided into: reflective pipeline markings, anti-fouling pipeline markings, and UV pipeline markings. Pipeline products include (water supply pipelines, gas pipelines, sewage pipelines, national defense optical cables, thermal pipelines, power cables, etc.)