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[Ground Marking] Designation of urban non-motor vehicle parking spaces—preformed reflective markings


In 2021, Xiamen, Fujian Province was among the first batch to adopt the "Cailu" brand pre-formed reflective marking strips produced by our company to mark the ground markings of non-motor vehicle parking spaces, which has been well received by customers. In March 2022, Fuzhou also successively adopted preformed reflective marking tapes to mark the ground markings of shared bicycle parking spaces. So far, many places in Fujian have successively adopted preformed reflective marking tapes to mark non-motorized vehicles. Parking space floor markings.


The non-motor vehicle signs painted in Xiamen, Fujian Province require a special blue color. According to the requirements, the company specially prepared and produced a unique "sky blue" color to paint these signs. The product uses pre-forming technology to create four corners for non-motor vehicle parking, arrows indicating the direction of vehicle parking, and a combination of bicycle patterns. According to different local requirements, the ground markings are made of blue, white, and yellow preformed reflective marking strips.


The "Cailu" brand pre-formed reflective marking tape produced by our company is a new type of reflective material made of a combination of polymer flexible polymers, glass beads and other raw materials. This material not only has excellent properties such as strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and rolling resistance, but also has high-performance adhesive on the back. The construction is simple. You only need to apply glue on the ground and then stick it to the ground. There is no need for construction at the construction site. High temperature and open flame effectively improve the safety and environmental protection of construction.


The non-motor vehicle parking space markings using pre-formed reflective markings are brightly colored and have good reflective properties. They are very eye-catching and have become one of the products for the unified planning of non-motor vehicle parking spots and ground markings, successfully avoiding the need for non-motor vehicle parking spaces. The phenomenon of random parking and parking has become part of the urban lighting project.