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Warning tape

Three-dimensional Ground Signs/Warning Tapes

Warning tape

Pre-formed warning strips, which can be made to any specification according to customer requirements.

    Product Information

    Name: Warning tape
    Brand: Color Road
    Color: yellow and black, red and white, green and white, yellow and white, etc.
    The product can be customized to specific requirements and is the ideal solution for effectively communicating warnings and hazards.        The tape is designed to provide enhanced visibility, anti-slip properties and long-lasting performance. One of the key features of preformed warning tape is its adaptability to customer specifications.This allows customized solutions to meet specific needs, ensuring the tape is suitable for a variety of environments and applications. Whether used in industrial facilities, construction sites, parking lots or roadways, the tape can be manufactured in the required sizes, colors and designs, providing a highly versatile solution to safety marking needs.

    preformed warning tape is adhesive-backed and can be easily installed on a variety of surfaces.Customized adhesives ensure the tape adheres securely to different substrates, providing a durable and reliable warning marking solution. Whether applied to asphalt, concrete or metal surfaces, the tape maintains its integrity and prevents peeling or degradation due to environmental factors.

    In addition, the service life of preformed warning tapes is a significant advantage, with a service life of at least 2 years under normal conditions.This durability ensures that the tape remains effective for a long time, reducing the need for frequent replacement and maintenance.Its ability to withstand varying road conditions, traffic volumes and installation environments makes it a practical and cost-effective option for long-term use.

    In summary, preformed warning tape’s combination of customization, visibility, durability, and adhesion make it an indispensable product for meeting safety marking requirements. By meeting specific customer needs, providing excellent reflectivity and anti-slip properties, and delivering long-lasting performance, the tape serves as a reliable security solution across different environments, ultimately helping to create a safer, more organized environment.

    Product Features

    --Pre-formed warning tape can be made into any specification according to customer requirements.
    --Products with glass beads on the substrate and surface, with good reflective and anti-slip properties.
    --The products have adhesive backing and can be customized to various specifications according to customer requirements.
    --Depending on road conditions, traffic flow and installation, the service life can be at least 2 years.