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Preformed temporary road marking tape and marking instructions

Pipe Marking

Preformed temporary road marking tape and marking instructions

Temporary road marking tape is a marking tape or sign for temporary use . It is used for temporary diversion, borrowing, covering, and temporary road marking construction to ensure the regulation and safety of temporary driving. When used, it is easy and quick to remove without damaging the road surface and the original markings. No residue is left on the road surface after cleaning , and it does not affect the identification of other construction traffic markings on permanent pavement.

    Product Information

    Main technical performance comparison
    Place of Origin Sichuan,China
    Brand Name CL
    Feature Eco-friendly
    Adhesive Self-adhisive
    Service Life 2-3 Years Outdoor
    Use Warning
    reflective 300
    Color yellow/white/blue/green/black/red
    Product name marking tape
    Packaging Details tough carton box/special packing
    Port Shenzhen/Shanghai
    Supply Ability 5000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Day

    Introducing CL Marking Tape, an environmentally friendly, high-tack self-adhesive tape with a service life of 2-3 years when used outdoors.Designed in Sichuan, China, this marking tape is ideal for a variety of warning purposes, ensuring safety and visibility in any environment.     With a reflection coefficient of 300, CL marking tape is highly reflective and ideal for use in low light conditions or areas with reduced visibility.

    The tape’s high reflectivity ensures it attracts the attention of passers-by and effectively communicates important messages and warnings. CL marking tape is available in a variety of bright colors, including yellow, white, blue, green, black and red, providing the versatility to meet different marking needs.Bright, bold colors make warning messages easy to identify and understand, enhancing safety in a variety of environments.CL marking tape is extremely durable and suitable for outdoor use.It can withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, wind and sunlight, without losing its adhesion or reflectivity. This longevity ensures that the tape remains effective and reliable over a longer period of time. What makes this marking tape unique is its environmentally friendly nature.CL marking tape is manufactured with environmental awareness in mind, contains no harmful chemicals and is designed to minimize environmental impact.  This makes it a responsible choice for organizations and individuals who prioritize sustainability.

    Whether it's a construction site, road project, manufacturing plant, or any other environment where clear communication through visual warnings is required, CL marking tape is the trusted choice.Its durability, reflectivity and versatility make it an important tool for enhancing safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

    All in all, CL Marking Tape is a high-quality product with excellent adhesion, environmental friendliness, and long-lasting performance.Its reflective properties, vibrant color options, and ability to withstand outdoor conditions make it a reliable solution for a variety of warning applications.Trust CL marking tape to effectively communicate important information and ensure safety in any environment.