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[Pre-made signage] The function of floor signs with color

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[Pre-made signage] The function of floor signs with color


With the increasing number of traffic accidents, how to improve traffic safety has become one of the focuses of people's attention. The function of colored floor markings plays an important role in this regard. Colored ground signs can not only divide traffic areas of different natures, but also have traffic safety warning functions, relieve driver fatigue, increase brightness and beautify the road environment.

First of all, an important function of colored ground markings is to divide traffic areas of different natures. On urban roads, different traffic areas often have different rules and uses. By using ground markings of different colors, different areas can be clearly divided, such as pedestrian areas, bicycle lanes, motor vehicle lanes, etc. In this way, not only can confusion among various traffic participants be avoided, but also traffic flow can be made more orderly and the occurrence of traffic accidents can be reduced.

Secondly, the colorful ground signs also have traffic safety warning functions. In order to make up for the functional shortcomings of existing traffic signs in the fast state, according to the visual characteristics of the driver, especially the attention to the road surface and the sensitivity to color during driving, the road signs are placed at sharp bends and steep slopes, at diverging and merging points, and at intersections. , tunnel entrances, pedestrian crossings, children's school roads, bridge decks, gas stations, toll stations, and even deep ruts and other special sections or places use colored pavement or bright-colored pavement to form a contrast with ordinary asphalt pavement sections , prompts and warns of special traffic conditions, allowing drivers to slow down and effectively avoid traffic accidents.

Vibrant ground markings have the added benefit of relieving driver weariness in addition to serving as traffic safety warnings. Long stretches of driving can quickly result in driver tiredness, which raises the possibility of traffic accidents. On the other hand, the presence of vibrant ground markings can draw attention from drivers and add to the variety of the road, making driving more enjoyable and engaging. To improve overall driving safety, various colored road markers, for instance, can help drivers stay aware and prevent driving when fatigued.

Finally, colored ground markings can also increase brightness and beautify the road environment. Using bright and vibrant colors such as blue and green can make the entire road environment more vivid and beautiful. Especially at night or in low-visibility conditions, the brightness of colored ground signs can remind drivers to pay attention to the road conditions ahead, while adding a touch of bright color to the road. This not only helps improve visibility and recognition on the road, but also improves the driver's visual experience and increases driving pleasure.

To sum up, colored ground signs have multiple functions such as dividing traffic areas, providing traffic safety warnings, relieving driver fatigue, increasing brightness, and beautifying the road environment. It not only improves traffic safety, but also provides drivers with a better driving experience and road environment. Therefore, colored ground signs play an important role in improving traffic conditions and improving road quality, and are of great significance to building a safe, efficient, and beautiful urban transportation system.