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For the 23rd Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition, "new" ground advertising materials

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For the 23rd Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition, "new" ground advertising materials


The 23rd Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition (SIGN CHINA 2023) officially kicked off on September 4 at the Pudong New International Expo Center. SIGN CHINA was founded in 2003. After 20 years of cultivation and development, the brand has become famous all over the world and is recognized by the industry as the "Oscar" event of the global advertising industry. During the three-day exhibition, Yushu Yeshili Company's "Cailu" brand reflective material, as a new type of ground advertising material, received widespread attention and praise from the industry.

At the exhibition site, the six exhibition areas brought together 500 mid-to-high-end advertising and digital industry manufacturers, and 2,000 high-quality brands appeared on the same stage, covering the entire advertising and digital signage industry chain. Yushu Night Vision Company showed up at the exhibition with new products. At this advertising exhibition, Yushu Night Vision Company exhibited its self-developed and independently developed "Cailu" brand pre-formed reflective marking tape and "inlay" A series of ground advertising marking materials such as "colorful floor stickers", "high refractive temporary reflective marking tape", "anti-slip and anti-fouling marking tape".

Our company manufactures a novel kind of reflective material called "Cailu" brand pre-formed reflective marking tape, which is composed of a blend of flexible polymers and additional raw components. Its substance is roughly 1.8 mm thick. Pre-formed reflective logo stickers have superior wear resistance, good anti-skid performance, strong nighttime reflecting performance, and a long service life when compared to typical advertising films. People both domestically and internationally have given them a great deal of attention. appreciation. A significant number of followers congregated at the exhibition around the booth to interact, ask questions about the items, and leave contact details, resulting in positive brand exposure and product promotion.

This exhibition focuses on advertising, and is based on the East China advertising industry base to create a global collection of printing/laser/engraving and other advertising production equipment, advertising materials, logo light boxes, retail presentations, exhibition display equipment, LED advertising light sources and lighting, LED One-stop shopping event for advertising and digital displays, digital signage and more! The exhibition hall of Yushu Night Vision Company also attracted visitors from India, France, the United States, South Korea and other countries as well as domestic related enterprises. At the exhibition site, there was an endless stream of exhibitors and visitors, and it was very lively.