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The Hangzhou Asian Games Are Adorned With "Colorful Road"

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The Hangzhou Asian Games Are Adorned With "Colorful Road"


The Hangzhou Asian Games, originally scheduled to be held from September 10 to 25, 2022, has been announced by the Asian Olympic Council to be held from September 23 to October 8, 2023. The name and logo of the event will remain unchanged. Regarding the procurement of ground signs during the games, after repeated demonstrations, inspections and tests, it was decided to use the "Cailu" brand pre-formed reflective signs produced by our company to produce the ground signs during the sports games.

In early May, the company contacted the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee to design and produce lane ground markings during the Asian Games. The Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee requested that within an area of 13.85 square meters, gradient colors should be used to reflect the main graphic fan of the Asian Games emblem "Tide", the Qiantang River, the track, Internet symbols and the sun graphic symbolizing the Olympic Council of Asia. Everyone brainstormed , decided to use the UV process and increase the high-viscosity adhesive technology, and finally successfully solved the problem, produced the sample, passed the rigorous performance test, and successfully passed the acceptance, and signed the first batch of bids for the production of lane ground markings for the trial section.

A 48-hour lead time was stipulated in the negotiated contract for 42 sets of ground signage for the Asian Games. The workshop staff worked extra hours, day and night, in a three-shift work system, to ensure the production progress due to tight production tasks, high quality requirements for landmarks, and laborious production processes. The quality inspection department strictly controls quality and strives for excellence. Our shared objective as a team is to transform Hangzhou's "Color Road" into a stunning place. The Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee has given Yushu Night Vision Company great marks for its precise after-sales service and excellent and consistent product quality.

After unremitting efforts, 42 sets of qualified products were successfully shipped by air on the morning of May 28. On the night of May 29, the trial lane ground markings began to be laid. Currently, the trial road section ground markings are being trialled... The second bidding section 38 The sets were produced and shipped on June 4. Before the opening of the Asian Games in September, the pre-formed color logo of the "Cailu" brand produced by our company will bring a new visual experience to the contestants and the audience.